Why Pelion


Pelion Actuarial Services, Inc. is a full service Third Party Administration firm with office locations in Rockford, IL.  Pelion provides comprehensive services for all stages of employee retirement benefit planning and administration, and can design, install and administer any type of retirement plan.  We ensure that all aspects of your plan administration, compliance, and reporting are completed accurately and reliably so that your resources are not strained or pulled away from the business at hand.

Experience You Can Trust

Pelion Actuarial Services, Inc. is a growing company whose management team has over 50 years’ experience combined in the retirement plan service industry.  This unique dynamic offers your organization the benefits of quality attention in tandem with vast industry expertise.


Pelion’s business structure enables us listen to our clients - any recommendation we make concerning the design and administration of a retirement program is generated by coupling the customer's objectives and our extensive knowledge of plan regulations.  We take into consideration the structure of the company along with existing retirement and employee benefit plans.

With Pelion you are a partner as well as a patron.  We pride ourselves upon that concept and our established Pelion Core Values.

“we do not make predictions, we make valuable solutions”